Server monitor allows you to continuously track the performance level of your server. Managing unexpected failures help you be aware of the whole system and ensure high availability of database servers, notifying IT administrators about memory usage, buffer statistics, query statistics, diagnosing performance problems or monitoring of components.
Our product comes with great features in order to track the performance and make the most of hardware resources, by benchmarking and analysis tools for getting precise and accurate information to resolve incidents quickly, making it easy for anyone to monitor, explore, and analyze them.
You have the advantage of getting complete visibility of your workstations and servers and ensure its availability and health.

Real-time server statistics

Server monitor alerts you about abnormal changes or any events detected from the servers, like CPU usage , programs monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, NetFlow monitoring, as well as analysis of incident management processes.
The IT Administrator can detect if a server is sized correctly in terms of processing power, which processes are taking up memory on a server or track the traffic into and out of a server through each interface.

Uptime security for your system

If a network is crashed it will cost you money, time and probably the reputation of your business. It will be difficult to have to get things back on track and running again.
That’s why server monitoring is important to pick up any small issues to ensure Service Availability.

Stay in touch with your network

You have the possibility to create chat groups that are always available providing real time communication between employees, assigning them on different tasks or archive everything you discuss in your company.
It is an useful tool for being able to proactively monitor systems and react to potential issues with immediate solutions.

Our Services

What you can monitor with SMon.com

Website Monitoring

A slow, unresponsive website can prove costly. Maximize your end-user experience with the combination of; Website uptime monitoring, Full page load, Transaction monitoring, and Web Stress tester.

Server Monitoring

Protect the epicenter of your IT service with SMon.com Agent-based Server/Device Monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Bandwidth, TCP, etc.

Network Monitoring

Be sure that your networks are protected and tuned with SMon.com agent-based monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for a wide range of network devices, such as, switches, phone systems, servers, etc.

Application Monitoring

Get ready to quickly detect and resolve application issues. You can extend your application monitoring capabilities with SMon.com’ plugin architecture. Application monitors are available for MySQL, MSSQL, JMX/Java and Nginx and more.

Cloud Monitoring

Get alerts and reports on popular cloud providers, including Amazon®, Rackspace® and GoGrid® – and we’re continually adding others.

Custom Monitoring

You get virtually limitless opportunities to monitor any kind of system and business metrics with our easy-to-use API, with full documentation.

Our Plans & Pricing

Starter Plan

Try before you buy
15 days - Free trial
1 Months of Logs Data
50 Alert Policies
100 Ping Checks
10 Servers Monitoring
5 Agents
From $20/per month
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Advanced Plan

Best starting point
30 days - Free trial
2 Months of Logs Data
75 Alert Policies
110 Ping Checks
15 Servers Monitoring
7 Agents
From $35/per month
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Premium Plan

Best updating point
45 days - Free trial
4 Months of Logs Data
800 Alert Policies
620 Ping Checks
200 Servers Monitoring
100 Agents
From $99/per month
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Enterprise Plan

Meet your specific business objectives
Unlimited days - Free trial
Unlimited Months of Logs Data
Unlimited Alert Policies
Unlimited Ping Checks
Unlimited Servers Monitoring
Unlimited Agents

Why Choose Us


With our cloud-based, all-in-one dashboard, you can monitor your IT systems from anywhere - including your mobile devices.


We're cloud-based, so there's no need for installs, updates or server management. Just login online. That's it. Plus, your entire monitoring system will be running in 3 minutes..


Consider the hidden costs for traditional monitoring: You need servers to manage monitoring tools, storage space, and electricity to keep equipment cool. Monitor.Us moves everything to the cloud. You'll keep money in your pocket.


Servers require loads of energy to manufacture and run. That's quite a drain on the environment. The beauty of Monitor.Us is it's cloud-based. Say goodbye to your servers.


Our application programming interface (API) is easily customizable to meet your needs. Whatever your system, we can monitor it..

No software eliminates hassles

No hardware saves you money

Cloud-based services protect our planet

Everything's possible with open API

The SMon.com Guarantee

All that you need from your monitoring

24/7/365 Support

Our experts monitor, manage & optimize every node at every data center across our global data network 24/7/365.

45 Day Guarantee

If the product is faulty or you do not wish to retain the product you can send it back for a refund within 45 days of receiving it.

99.9% Uptime

We offer a Service uptime guarantee of 99.9% (“Service Uptime Guarantee”) of available time per month.


We have the answers you need!
How much does SMon.com cost?
The cost depends on the number of servers, web applications and websites you want to monitor, the check intervals, and the number of locations to monitor from. You can check all prices with our price calculator at https://www.smon.com/plans-and-pricing.
I am interested in offering SMon.com to some of my customers. How many monitors would I need per customer?
Please contact our Sales department and they will assist you in determining your specific needs.
Can I create sub-accounts with limited access privileges?
Yes, you can create a sub-account and assign the following access rules to it: Admin - provides full access to dashboard but doesn’t have authorization to terminate the account. Viewer - provides read-only access to data for all monitor groups. Restricted Viewer - provides read-only access to data for selected monitor groups.
For real user monitoring, is there anything I need to do besides copy the given tracking code into my page?
No. If you are using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal then we supply a simple plugin that will free you of the copy/paste work.
Do you have a public facing page for your services that allows me to create a page that my customers can see?
Yes, you can create a public report or a shared page, each accessible without logging in. You can also share a single module.
If I decide I need more of a given monitor type, how do I incrementally add them?
To upgrade your account click on the Upgrade icon in the lower left corner of your dashboard.


You guys are incredible, Your product is great and with support like this it only continues to improve! I have been and will continue to recommend SMon.com to industry colleagues. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy B.

I wanted to say thank you for the brilliant product, SMon.com! It has given me a much greater sense of security and confidence in my network administration duties, and is an absolute must for every admins toolkit.

Jason M.

Your product is by far the best I have ever used in this field, and I hope we can continue to work together.

Susan A.

I´m working in this industry for 15 years now, but I can hardly remember working with a software company with a support like you have. You listen and new features come really fast. I´m deeply impressed by your support and now have the feeling we made the 100% right choice to choose SMon.com.

Helen D.