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How much does SMon.com cost?
The cost depends on the number of servers, web applications and websites you want to monitor, the check intervals, and the number of locations to monitor from. You can check all prices with our price calculator at https://www.smon.com/plans-and-pricing.
Can I try SMon.com for free?
Yes, SMon.com has a 15 day free trial you can enable by clicking Sign Up on our homepage.
How many monitors can be run during the trial period?
During your trial period you get free and open use of all monitors and features plus 20 free SMS’ for your alerting needs.
I’m being told that my account is expired even after I paid.
It may take a couple of minutes before notification from the payment provider arrives. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team.
I tried to add more monitors, but it didn’t work. I paid in PayPal and was billed for an upgrade.
Upgrade through PayPal is a two-step process and it appears as though the second step did not complete successfully. Please contact our support team to get assistance in correcting this.
How long does it take for data to start showing up on my dashboard?
Data should appear in a couple of minutes and updates every 5 minutes.
I am interested in offering SMon.com to some of my customers. How many monitors would I need per customer?
Please contact our Sales department and they will assist you in determining your specific needs.
Can I create sub-accounts with limited access privileges?
Yes, you can create a sub-account and assign the following access rules to it: Admin - provides full access to dashboard but doesn’t have authorization to terminate the account. Viewer - provides read-only access to data for all monitor groups. Restricted Viewer - provides read-only access to data for selected monitor groups.
For real user monitoring, is there anything I need to do besides copy the given tracking code into my page?
No. If you are using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal then we supply a simple plugin that will free you of the copy/paste work.
Do you have a public facing page for your services that allows me to create a page that my customers can see?
Yes, you can create a public report or a shared page, each accessible without logging in. You can also share a single module.
If I decide I need more of a given monitor type, how do I incrementally add them?
To upgrade your account click on the Upgrade icon in the lower left corner of your dashboard.
Is there a limit to the number of sites I can monitor using Uptime monitoring?
No. There is no limit.
If I want to check PING and HTTP for one URL, does it count as two monitors?
How can I monitor the full page load time of my webpage and see a view of all objects such as pictures and Flash?
You can use our Full Page Load monitoring to see how long it takes to load a complete HTML page in real browsers. By our tracking of the load times of each individual image, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes, the tool will show you the load times for each component.
Can I check for text in my page using the Uptime monitor?
Yes, you can verify if a word or phrase is present or not in a web page or html source.
What is monitoring frequency?
You can specify how frequently SMon.com should check your website.
What is the advantage of Full Page Load monitoring vs. Uptime monitoring?
Full Page Load Monitoring times the load of your entire webpage and shows how all its objects (pictures, Flash, CSS, Javascript) load in sequential order. Uptime monitoring measures the time between the request to your server and the response, but it doesn’t load the webpage after receiving the HTTP Header.
What data do I see if there is a failure?
A screen capture of the browser and a view of all loaded objects in the webpage.
How much does Full Page Load monitoring cost?
Pricing ranges between $5/month and $12.50/month for one location depending on frequency (5min. to 20min.). You can find more details at https://www.smon.com/plans-and-pricing.
Can I currently run a scan of all the computers on the domain, receive a part of the information, and put it in a database?
No. Currently you can’t do that. You can check the installed software on Windows or Linux machines where you have installed an agent by our Process monitor.
Do I have to install the agent on every computer for internal monitoring to work?
The agent is SNMP enabled, so you can monitor other servers and network devices from a single machine..
Will data load only if it exceeds the thresholds that I’ve set (e.g. if the CPU exceeds 50%)?
No. The threshold is required to receive alerts. If the threshold is reached, an alert will be sent. Data loads whether the threshold is exceeded or not.
What are the free and page size limits on the Memory Monitor?
Free refers to available RAM. Memory monitor has no page size limit.
What items can be monitored on a server?
With SMon.com Server/Device monitoring you can monitor performance of servers in your local network, including CPU, memory and drive utilization, bandwidth consumed by your network interfaces, disk I/O operations, resource consumption by different system processes, status of services running on your server or occurrence of system events, as well as monitor your online applications from your local network using HTTP, HTTPS and PING monitors.
What Operating Systems are supported for Server/Device monitoring?
Windows or Linux.
Does checking CPU usage and storage for 1 internal server require 2 Server/Device monitors?
Yes. Each metric requires a separate monitor.
Is the agent compatible with Windows server 2012 R2 64b?
How much load do the agents create on a server?
Agent creates almost no load, usually less than 2MB of RAM.
Can I be alerted if my database grows to a certain size?
Yes. You can establish a threshold to get alerts about free space limit utilization when exceeded. you will be alerted when you reach your predefined free space limit.
What about monitoring for specific products, such as Microsoft® Exchange, SQL, Server IIS, etc.?
SMon.com offers Application monitors for Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, or logs of any application running on your machine.
What if there’s a packet or something stuck in the network connection? Can we have an alert sent for that?
You can set up ping checks among your servers and from outside ones to see if you’re losing packets. You can specify, for example, that if 2 out of 5 packets are lost you’ll receive an alert. Server/Device Ping monitor can be added by going to “Monitors menu ->Server/Device Monitors->Ping”.
In my web program I can create and destroy EC2 instances dynamically. Can I monitor those instances automatically once they’re created?
Yes. This is the main function of EC2 monitoring. You can monitor the number of running instances and get alerts if this number reaches a threshold. If you enter your Amazon® account credentials and upload the key we can automatically enable CPU, memory, drive, processes monitoring on each new Amazon® instance. In your account, go to “Cloud Monitors”, “Amazon EC2” and “Add”. Enter your API access key and account number.
How do I enable my Amazon EC2 monitoring, and how much does it cost?
EC2 in itself is not a charged item, but as you activate monitoring for the following: Drive Free Space, CPU usage, Load average, Free Memory, the cost will be $5 per month (per instance). When activating: HTTP response, Ping response, SSH response, the pricing is the same as in uptime monitors and depends on how many monitoring locations you select. For more detailed pricing please go to: https://www.smon.com/plans-and-pricing.
What types of alert notification are available in SMon.com and what are their prices?
SMon.com can alert you by Email, and also post alerts to your URL. All alerts are free and unlimited.
Are notification messages customizable?
How many email accounts can be set up as contacts for monitoring?
There is no limit on the number of email accounts that can be set up as contacts for your monitoring.
Is there a way to receive alerts continuously when there is an issue detected by a monitor?
Yes. You need to check “Receive continuous alerts” option in your alert configuration window.
Can I use SMS notifications during the trial period?
Yes, you have 20 SMS available during the trial.
Does Web Stress Tester loads embedded resources e.g. images, CSS, JavaScript, Flash Objects?
Yes. Embedded resources are loaded by default.
Where can I see a demo for Web Stress Tester?
You can see a sample of a Web Stress Tester report at:Web Stress Tester.