Knowing that your systems are secure you will be able to focus on developing your business and have a strenghtful foundation.

Custom Dashboard

Offers different views on your data to be in depth control over your site, enabling you to identify and address problems – fast.

Manage Servers

It displays the status of the server, this way you can be alerted when your network slows down, server faults to avoid data losses and improve network performance.

Manage Agents

Gives you a better experience of your employees, ensures the status and the way you can manage their role in the sessions.


Allows you internal communication and it is an effective alternative that facilitates the technical support for the user, when they attempt to solve simpler issues on their own.

Manage Groups

This area is useful for grouping the resources of a location available and you have ways to modify the name of a group, as well as removing it if necessary.

Manage Profiles

It is a tool for managing your server profile providing of a consistent method to deploy servers and easily manage large numbers of servers in your data center. You can also create profiles for Media Servers, Web servers, Database, Proxy servers.


This area allows you to automate your interaction with the server monitor system. With API you can create your own applications with most of the functionalities you can find.